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Apple Park has a soccer field that few know about. It does not give for the Soccer World Cup, but it is that spectacular

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What day will Apple Park stop surprising us? Probably never. And if not, tell our colleague Pedro Aznar, director of Applesfera, when on a visit to the venue discovered two generous soccer fields next to the Apple Fitness Center. Yeah, okay, they’re not for the World Cup, but the views are basically spectacular.

One more proof of the attention that Apple pays to the world of sports and of how Apple Park was conceived from the beginning as a space where work is not all that comes into play. With recreational spaces, the campus is one of the most complete when it comes to creating the Apple microcosm.

The best location to close our rings, without a doubt

As we can see in the images that accompany this article, even considering football something typically European, the two fields occupy one of the largest extensions of Apple Park in terms of usable land. In fact, they only find a rival in the interior esplanade next to the stage with the logos of the original apple.

View of Apple Park with the two soccer fields on the left.

We don’t know exactly how much use these fields are getting, but satellite imagery from Apple Maps clearly shows a turf wear in key parts during a football match. Will leagues be organized between the different departments? A very American possibility, indeed.

Image 1

Soccer fields, with their wear and tear.

Being one of the large open spaces in Apple Park closest to the main building, the truth is that the views are spectacular. As we can see in the photos taken mainly from the Fitness Center, the background heel of any game is impressive. In this regard, Pedro Aznar tells us his impression of him in the first person.

Discovering those soccer fields was a complete surprise for me. I remember that the first time I saw them was at the keynote presentation of the new Apple Watch, which they were going to show us at the Fitness Center —located in front of Apple Park, but within its perimeter. To access the Fitness Center, you first have to enter the ring area, and from there, take a route to the building where the Apple sports facilities are located. Everything is done in electric carts very similar to those that already exist in the Golf, for example.

img 1460

Between the ring and the Fitness Center, there was a huge green area surrounded by trees, much bigger than what can be seen on Maps or even being there at a certain distance. Only when you enter the road and the immense green area with the soccer fields appears to one side do you see them. A bright lawn, bathed in California sun, set back—but not too far—from the main offices. On the sides, there are some benches to be able to attend the games. It is curious because in the US European football (“soccer”) is not the most famous, but the well-known “American football” or “rugby”.

img 1456

View from the Apple Fitness Center

Yet there they were. Despite not being a particularly soccer fan, I must admit that those pitches, cared for in detail and that light, invited us to play a game with colleagues or friends. A few meters away, the Fitness Center building with showers and a natural juice bar in reception for employees who sign up for this closing rings in the middle of Apple Park. Who would say no to practicing sports after work like this?

Do we plan to travel as a tourist to Apple Park?  This is all we need to know

Well surely no one would say no to a little sport after work. Or before. Or at lunch break. The truth is that the environment provided by Apple Park encourages you to connect with nature and —I’m not saying it because of its resemblance to a ring— to close the rings of our Apple Watch day in and day out.


In Applesphere | A walk through Apple Park with these 18 photos taken by me

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This Apple icon is not what it seems. Is better

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The icons of the different operating systems are truly iconic, despite the redundancy. This is what should have have thought Lucas Hallwhich has reimagined the Settings app icon on a watch. The result really surprises and falls in love in equal parts.


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Steve Jobs inspirational quotes about success and creativity

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Steve Jobs was not only a man of success in his missions: he also knew how to inspire that success. And that has been noticed many times in things that he has done, but also in things that he has said. A good example is the speech that the Apple co-founder gave at Stanford University to the graduating students.

But not only from that speech have we learned something from Jobs. There are more than one phrase worth collecting For all those who need inspiration or simply want to remember the man who was able to lead Apple to revolutionize various markets.

The phrases and moments left by the legacy of Steve Jobs

  • We are here to leave a mark on the universe“. In other words: try that your life does not pass without pain or glory. Leave a legacy that people remember.
  • Don’t let other people’s opinions drown out your own voice.“. Ergo, say what you think without fear of others judging.
  • For the past 33 years I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am going to do today? If the answer is no for many days in a row, I need to change something“. If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, maybe it’s time to make a change of course. It goes for the personal and the professional.
  • Getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have happened to me. He replaced the weight of success with the freedom to start over. It allowed me to enter one of the most creative periods in my life.“. When they close a door, a window opens.
  • Stay hungry. stay reckless“. Stay hungry, stay foolish. These four words have become one of the most remembered mantras of the Apple co-founder.
  • Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower“.

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I have to avoid the trap of thinking that you have something to lose.

  • Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I have to avoid the trap of thinking that you have something to lose.“. There is no time to think about the consequences of failure. Yoda said it: “Do it, or do not, but do not try“.
  • The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the people who get it.“. This phrase of Steve’s was part of the Think Different campaign, possibly the most famous marketing campaign in all of history.
  • I’m as proud of the things I haven’t done as I am of the things I have done. Innovating is saying no to thousands of things“. Prioritizing is essential, especially when you have some kind of responsibility in your work.
  • I am convinced that half of what separates a successful entrepreneur from an unsuccessful one is sheer perseverance.“. If you fall a thousand times, get up a thousand and one and never give up.
  • Be a benchmark of quality. Some are not used to an environment where excellence is expected“. If you’re going to do something, do it to the best of your ability.
  • My favorite things in life don’t cost money. It is clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.“. Another phrase in which Jobs insists that we should not waste time. Or at least, make the best of it.

  • Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.“. We end precisely with the sentence that concludes the speech that Steve Jobs gave at Stanford University. For me one of the best, especially now that everything seems to be governed by the trends dictated by social networks.
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The thing about having a new iPhone every year is staggering and the reason is in the Pro models

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As iPhone users, we’ve been used to seeing Apple introduce a new model every year, with improvements to the camera, performance, and design. However, in recent years, we have been noticing a change in this annual update strategy. And the reason for this change is clear: the Pro models.

In recent years, Apple has introduced two lines of iPhone: entry models and models with surname Pro. Regular models often include camera and performance enhancements, but often don’t include the latest Technologys. It is in the Pro models where Apple gives free rein to the specifications and try new Technologys. And this seemingly simple change is making the idea of ​​having a new iPhone every year staggering.

Simplifying and diversifying at the same time

The double line of the iPhone has become more and more evident. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro included a triple camera and an OLED screen, while the iPhone 11 did not include these features. If we jump to the iPhone 14, the difference is, again, more than clear. It is in the iPhone 14 Pro where we find the new design with the Dynamic Island and a new chipwhile in the entry models the changes are minor.

Now, with the iPhone 15 Pro, it is expected to include a periscope lens, a technology that enables powerful optical zoom. According to rumors, this technology would not reach the iPhone 15 entry, but yes it could be present in all models of the iPhone 16. Again a key differentiation.

Let’s add one more element to the equation before moving on to some conclusions: the iPhone SE. According to rumors, Apple could have canceled the iPhone SE 4 and, as far as we know, this model could disappear from the catalog. The same has already happened with the mini variant of the iPhone.

Years ago the difference between the sizes of the iPhone was basically this, that of the sizes. But we have been seeing a change for some time now. With the iPhone mini gone and possibly the iPhone SE, the annual releases happen at two speeds. While the iPhone with the last name Pro receives the most significant news, entry models take an extra year.

We say that every year Apple launches an iPhone, but the truth is that there are four, five or even seven models if we count the choice of storage. The iPhone is a product with many users and should cover as wide a range and spectrum of needs as possible. Maintaining a double speed in terms of new products can be key to maintaining certain price ranges while presenting new products regularly.

Although the most enthusiastic, surely many of us reading this article, have a propensity for the best of the best when we talk about the iPhone, there are many users who value the iPhone for its operating system and little else, for example. Yes, they are going to take photos, but not for any contest either. For this spectrum of users, a iPhone that upgrades with more ease while maintaining a noticeably lower price it can be really attractive.

iPhone 14 Pro, analysis: the future of the iPhone starts here


We will have to closely monitor how this strategy evolves in the future and what effects it has on users and the iPhone ecosystem in general. But if the tendency to simplification in terms of models and differentiation of specifications continues, it could mean that the concept of having a new iPhone every year could change, and that users of the entry models could take a little longer to receive the latest Technologys. Well? Bad? More options to choose from.

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