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All the discounts that Amazon offers to save up to 15 euros on a purchase before the end of the year

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Amazon has been active for several weeks (or even months) several promotions that will expire while you are drinking the grapes of the chimes: at 23:59 on December 31 of this year. All these promotions offer you the option of getting a discount on your next purchase in exchange for using any of Amazon’s services (or installing any of the apps).

We tell you what they are, so that you can make use of them in this last week:


15 euros for installing the Amazon app

Let’s start with this enjoyable promotion for the remainder of 2022, one with which Amazon bonus with 15 euros just for installing a mobile appthat of Amazon itself (‘Amazon’ simply, that is, that of the e-commerce portal).

The only condition, of course, is that you do not currently have it installed, and that it be the first time you go to install it on any of your mobile devices. Otherwise, when you access the URL of the promotion, instead of displaying the ‘Apply the promotion’ button (a necessary step, don’t forget), you will only see a message saying “You can’t take advantage of this offer. See the details below.” Terms and Conditions”.

Even if you meet this precondition to apply, the discount of 15 euros it will only apply to you under two conditions:

  • If the price of the set of products that you purchase between now and the end of the year amounts to at least 30 euros.

  • If the product is sold and shipped by Amazon. That is, products sold by third parties do not work.

€7 for using the collection points


Yes, Amazon has reactivated its discount coupon for seven euros in all those purchases that are sent to one of its collection points (instead of your home address). If you already took advantage of it on a previous occasion, bad luck: your account will not give you the opportunity to take advantage of it this time.

Y If you are a resident of the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, bad luck too: there are only “collection points” on the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, so unless you are going to spend the next few days visiting relatives, you will not be able to enjoy the promotion.

Now follow these steps:

  • Enter the promotion website and activate the offer by clicking on the “Apply the promotion” button that you will find a little further down: it does not matter if you do not have any purchase yet planned (the reward of €7 will be applied automatically during payment) .

  • Find the nearest Amazon collection point in this list and add it to your address book on the platform.

  • Add to your Amazon cart a minimum of 20 ? of items sold and fulfilled by Amazon. Choose the Amazon collection point as the delivery address, complete your order and get the 7 ? discount immediately.

€6 when you top up your account with €60


Thirdly, we have this promotion with which Amazon bonus with 6 euros when recharging at least €60 your account from Amazon in a single order by entering the code “ESASV22” in the “Add a gift voucher or promotional code” section before completing the top-up process on

Of course, you must have an Amazon account active for at least a year and have not recharged your account in the last 36 months.

On the other hand, although you will only be able to take advantage of the promotion until December 31, you will be able to use your promotional credit on products sold directly by until May 31, 2023.

The promotional credit will not be visible in your Gift Card Balance: it will be automatically deducted from your next eligible purchase.

€5 for creating a ‘wish list’


Amazon gives you €5 discount if you are one of the first 1000 users to click on the activation button on the offer website, and then create a wish list (either wish list) that includes at least three products sold and shipped by

“the €5 promotional discount will be automatically applied to the customer’s account and can be redeemed on the next eligible purchase of at least €20. Amazon will send an email to qualifying customers and confirm that the €5 promotional discount will be have been added to the relevant customer’s account within three days of qualifying for the promotion.”

Image | Wicked Monday on Unsplash

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“It is the only way to end the banks”

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ChatGPT artificial intelligence is undoubtedly marking a before and after in our daily lives, since numerous uses have been discovered for daily life, such as earning money. It is such that important companies have decided to bet on it with multimillion-dollar investments. Now a cryptocurrency expert wanted to put ChatGPT at a crossroads when asked if central banks could kill off cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies were born to be able to have greater financial freedom, by avoiding the influence of the central banks of each of the countries. But in the last few months We have seen how the value of the main cryptocurrencies has presented different variations. That is why an expert wanted to know the opinion of artificial intelligence about the future of crypto.

ZAO, the Chinese MOBILE APP that through DEEPFAKE turns you into DICAPRIO in SECONDS

ChatGPT would bet everything for Bitcoin

Through a Twitter thread, the cryptocurrency expert Parman has published different images of a conversation he had with ChatGPT as a result of the future of cryptocurrencies. In this case, the AI ​​affirms that of all the options that there are right now to buy in the market, There Is Only One Currency That May Have A “Real Chance To Bust The Banks” centers, and that the other way around does not happen.

This crypto is precisely Bitcoin that will be able to stand up to all central banks. But this is not something that can be achieved passively, rather it will require four ways: education, political action, alternatives and economic collapse. This also adds to the response about the solution that cryptocurrency would propose to the power that banks can have.

Parman in this thread has also detailed that he has asked the AI ​​something really concise: “How can humanity end central banks?”. And the answer has been “decentralized finance”, something that can create confusion and that in a second answer He has pointed out “the end of fiat currencies”.

This precisely means that finances that include the euro or the dollar must be ended since they are not backed by gold and silver. In this way, for ChatGPT The cryptocurrency in which all trust must be placed is Bitcoin and not all those that exist today that in the end are born and die.

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The latest Discord update is slowing down Nvidia graphics cards: there is already a partial solution

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The Discord communication application has become essential on many computers and mobile phones to be able to call friends in a leisure environment, but also work. This tool has numerous advantages by facilitating much more fluid communication than that offered by Skype, but also by creating channels for different communities.

And although it may seem that everything is good, the truth is that Discord it also has problems that are serious. One of them is related to Nvidia graphics cards and a recent update that is causing a slowdown of the computer hardware.

The latest Discord update did more harm than good

The fact that we are talking about an application that is focused on gamers and has a bug that directly affects one of the components most required by this group, such as graphics, is undoubtedly paradoxical. But the truth is that it has been seen that this bug is affecting some Nvidia modelswhich includes the RTX 3080 and the RTX 3060 Ti.

Nvidia Graphics Cards 1000x600

This bug makes it impossible to get the most out of the GPU by slowing down the memory clock up to 200 MHz. At first it was the users themselves who reported the error through Reddit and also in the Linus Tech Tips forum. Faced with this wave of criticism, Nvidia has acknowledged the problem and has given details about its evolution.

This information has been given through a support article on the Nvidia website in which it is specified that if this type of slowdown is noticed, it will be possible to download a GeForce 3D profile manager and apply the fix. In the event that you prefer to wait, you will be able to choose to be patient and download the driver update that is being prepared.

We have tested the GeForce NOW service with RTX 4080 and it is a punch from NVIDIA on the table

in Xataka

We have tested the GeForce NOW service with RTX 4080 and it is a punch from NVIDIA on the table

Discord released this update to allow AV1 streaming with RTX 40 series cards on 4K quality and 60 FPS with Discord Nitro. But in the end this improvement has ended up causing the graphics of the previous generation to fail in this way.

Via | The Verge


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The news

The latest Discord update is slowing down Nvidia graphics cards: there is already a partial solution

was originally posted on


by José Alberto Lizana.

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This AI that allows you to clone your voice (and anyone else’s) is filling the Internet with celebrities saying stupid things: this is how you can use it

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An AI that allows anyone, and in a matter of seconds, to clone the voice of any other person (or, of course, oneself) is beginning to take the Internet by storm. The controversial but popular 4chan forum, without going any further, has been flooded with Audio deepfakes of celebrities like Emma Watson or Joe Rogan filled with violent or pornographic comments.

And all since, this past weekend, access was opened publicly to the ElevenLabs platform, perhaps one of the most significant examples of how far AI-based Technologys dedicated to audio cloning and synthesis have advanced.

Apart from the undeniable realism of its voice synthesis (light years away from canned voices like Loquendo, so popular years ago), the company itself boasts that the audio clips it generates require little or no editingwhich encourages its use in tasks such as dubbing or audiobook production:

When video deepfakes emerged, we all thought that an era of massive misinformation was inaugurated… and in the end its main application was the generation of porn. It remains to be seen what will happen to their audio equivalents

ZAO, the Chinese MOBILE APP that through DEEPFAKE turns you into DICAPRIO in SECONDS

Somebody put order here

Of course, the fact that it does not present none of the safeguards we are used to finding in imaging services to avoid creating certain types of content ‘sensitive’ and/or based on real people.

In a thread posted on Twitter last Monday, ElevenLabs recognized that some of its users were abusing its application: “[observamos] a growing number of cases of misuse of voice cloning”, and warned that they are able to “trace any generated audio back to the user”.

Likewise, it has put on the table the possibility of implementing protections such as the User identity verification or manual approval of each request voice cloning. However, its use remains unlimited for now.


we have tried it

When we register for free on the platform, we are granted access to a series of tools. First of all, we will find the simple voice synthesizer that allows us to convert texts to sound files using, in principle, predefined voices in American English.

However, if we make use of the ‘Voice Cloning’ function, we can upload audio with a voice recording to the platform (“it must last more than 1 minute and not contain background noise”, clarifies the website), which will allow us to create a personalized voice from which we can return to the synthesizer and create an audio based on our voice… or anyone else’s.

screenshot 39

Voice Cloning Step 1

screenshot 40

Step 2

That yes: the service is, for now, optimized for the American English accent; so it is possible that, when generating the audio, you do not finish recognizing yourself in the resulting file.

screenshot 41

The classics never die. Although it sounds horrible in American, let me tell you.

That has been our case, after generating a personalized voice based on that of a server: reading Don Quixote in a perfect Kansas accent (up state, down state) has not finished sounding ‘very me’, but US users claim not to suffer from this problem.

The free account only allows create up to five custom voices and synthesize to audio 10,000 characters of text per monthIn addition, the resulting audios are subject to a non-commercial license. There are, from there, several payment options, the cheapest being $22 per month.

Via | The Verge

Image | Based on an original by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

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