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A green comet is visiting us. So you can locate it in the sky with your iPhone

You may have heard of the so-called ‘green comet’ that is passing close to Earth these days. Its scientific name is C/2022 E3 (ZTF), and it will be so striking that we can see it with the *text muted* eye in the night sky. The last time it “grazed” our planet was 50,000 years ago, when Neanderthals were the predominant human species. It has rained ever since.

If you want to take advantage of this unique opportunity to see a comet in greenish tones in our sky, you have to be clear about two things: the first is that you will have to get up early, because the best time to see it is before dawn. The second is that you will have to locate the quadrant in which it will appear, but that It is something that we can easily do with the iPhone.

Download, Accept and Aim

The trick is to download the Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF app, available for free on the App Store. Once you have it, you just have to press the first button that appears:

The application will ask you for permission to know your location (essential for it to work properly) and it will show you a map of the firmament with all the constellations adapted to your position. Point the iPhone towards the sky and turn until you find the red comet symbol:

search green kite iphone

Visibility is better from the northern hemisphere, it seems, although that doesn’t mean that it won’t be possible to locate it from the southern hemisphere.

The Galileo GPS is already the most accurate in the world: how to know if our iPhone is compatible

From here, being able to see it depends more on you and the weather conditions at the time. The maximum point of visibility is tonight and the following (February 2), so set a reminder on your devices if you don’t want to miss it. I don’t think we’ll be around when you next visit us in another 50,000 years.

Image | Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3), Guillermo Ferla

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Black Book: the RPG/tactical card game goes from console to iPhone (date + trailer)

This is good news for iOS gamers! The development studio Merteshka and the editor HypeTrain Digital have just jointly announced that Black Book, an excellent tactical card battle RPG based on Slavic myths, will be available on iOS from April 21. The game is already available on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 and we hope that the mobile version will not suffer any downgrade (the graphic style of the game encourages us to be positive). The pitch of the game is as follows: “A young girl named Vasilisa, destined to become a witch, decides to give up her destiny and marry her beloved, but this dream is shattered when her fiancée dies under mysterious circumstances. In the name of her lost love, Vasilisa searches for the Black Book; a demonic artifact, said to be powerful enough to grant any wish to whoever discovers the 7 seals. Join Vasilisa on her adventures through the *text muted*n countryside, as she solves the problems of ordinary people by confronting demons and performing exorcisms. »

The iOS version of Blackbook will be free, with a one-time in-app purchase unlocking the full game. This version will also include the prologue and Endless mode. Pre-orders for the iOS version are now open on the App Store. The price of the game (in-app purchase therefore) is 12 euros, compared to 22 euros for the console and PC version. This is starting to make a lot of good arguments for a title that is widely acclaimed by critics and players.

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macOS 13.3 fixes SMB file sharing bug

Mac users have been having problems sharing files and folders over SMB since the release of macOS 13.2, the final version of which was released in late January. It’s simple: sharing no longer works. Fortunately, a fix is ​​coming with macOS 13.3.

macOS 13 Ventura MacBook Air iMac MacBook Pro

SMB sharing allows remote access to files on a Mac over a local network. For example, a user might have a Mac configured as a server and enable file sharing on that computer in order to remotely access files from their primary computer. This is convenient since it is not necessary to connect the two Macs via a cable. Just go to System Settings > General > Sharing to activate the option.

As said before, this system has been broken since macOS 13.2. We must therefore wait for macOS 13.3 for a fix. Apple distributed the update’s release candidate this week to both developers and public testers. This suggests that the availability for everyone will be next week, although the manufacturer has not yet communicated a specific availability date.

macOS 13.3 isn’t a big update on its own. It brings new emojis (like iOS 16.4), fixes an issue where trackpad gestures could occasionally become unresponsive, and other improvements. For some surprising reason, Apple does not list the fix for the SMB bug, although it is available.

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Apple Watch: watchOS 9.4 prevents accidentally turning off the alarm clock while you sleep

Did you set an alarm on your Apple Watch before going to bed and it didn’t go off as expected in the early morning? It may be because of your hand covering the watch while you were sleeping. watchOS 9.4 corrects the situation.

Apple Watch Alarm

In its notes, Apple explains that alarms are no longer muted by the gesture of covering the watch with your hand to prevent accidental cancellations while sleeping. As it stands, putting the palm of your hand on the Apple Watch screen for three seconds puts the alerts (including the alarm clock) on mute. It’s entirely possible that your hand lands on the screen while you sleep. This therefore deactivates the alarm, which is to say that it is annoying knowing that it was an accidental action.

With watchOS 9.4, this behavior will no longer be a reality. The alarm will still ring, even if your hand lands on your Apple Watch while you sleep.

Apple distributed the watchOS 9.4 release candidate this week to public developers and testers. The final version for everyone is expected to arrive next week, alongside iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, macOS 13.3 and tvOS 16.4.

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