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4 Fundamental Lessons to Keep in Mind in 2023

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According to the data handled by Check Point Software, in 2022 there was an increase in cybersecurity attacks of 28%. The proliferation of threats and their increasing sophistication highlight the importance of reinforcing security measures and investing more to avoid being victims of these cyberattacks.

In recent years we have seen how the increase in cyber threats and its consequences led organizations to be more aware of the risks they pose and, therefore, to raise their budget to aspects related to cybersecurity.

However, it is not enough just to invest more. You have to invest well and, for this, it is important to know what threats have to be faced in order to adopt the most appropriate solutions. Not surprisingly, since the first computer virus, known as Creeper, appeared in 1971, cybersecurity threats have evolved significantly and providers have had to adapt their security solutions according to the new requirements.

malware, phishingsmishing, or ransomware are some of the most common threats today and, as digitization progresses, the chances of being a victim of a cyber attack are greater.

And there is no doubt that the rise of remote work and the momentum it has experienced digital transformation are helping malicious actors to intensify their criminal activity on the Internet. Especially since the pandemic, companies have seen how the threats to which they were subjected have increased considerably using very diverse and advanced techniques that, on many occasions, threaten the business continuity.

Phishing, the ransomwareidentity theft or attacks on infrastructures and cloud environments are some of the most proliferating today and that highlight the need to adopt a security approach in line with these threats.

Diversify security strategies

The wide variety of cyberthreats has led experts to stress the need for organizations to diversify security strategies, emphasizing the adoption of protection measures, continuous security monitoring, multi-factor authentication and the commitment to a Zero Trust modelthat is, zero confidence.

We must pay close attention to what threats we are facing in order to face them with the appropriate resources

And it is that, although the attacks evolve every day, there are also techniques that have been used for many years, so we must pay close attention to what threats we are facing in order to deal with them with the appropriate resources.

However, from a business perspective, not all organizations have the adequate resources to address an adequate cybersecurity strategy, hence the MSSPsor managed security service providers, have become a key ally for many of them.

Choosing the right partner to entrust the management of the company’s security has become a key aspect, but the need to streamline its security is leading more and more companies to bet on automation.

According to the latest report on the ‘State of Cybersecurity Automation in Businesses’ in 2022, from ThreatQuotient, 37% of companies are automating key processes, and 45% planned to do so in the past year. Threat intelligence management and incident response, phishing analysis, and vulnerability management are the tasks that automate the most the companies.

And everything indicates that it will be a trend that will go up since, according to this study, 98% of the companies surveyed indicate that their budget for automation has increased, although to the detriment of that allocated to other departments of the organization.

However, with this they hope to improve their degree of cybersecurity maturity, although there are many other factors that must be taken into account when guaranteeing security in an organization. These are four of the most prominent.

  • Systems update and solutions

The vulnerabilities contained in technological solutions and those that are subject to attack make companies increasingly focus on the security of their products. Once the vulnerabilities are known, companies work intensively in the search for solutions to correct them, so companies need to a robust ongoing vulnerability management program to discover and fix security holes as soon as they become known.

With this, organizations must try to always keep their systems and solutions updated so that, in this way, they can ensure that they are protected.

It is essential to demand the same from the ecosystem of suppliers, partners and customers with whom they interact, collaborate and share information and risks.

Today it is no longer enough to keep your technology up to date and have the right solutions and raise awareness and train your employees. It is also essential to demand the same from the ecosystem of suppliers, partners and customers with whom they interact, collaborate and share information and risks.

Demanding them to take the appropriate measures will be key, not only for their safety, but also for that of their collaborators. just remember the attack on SolarWinds at the end of 2020. The attack it suffered not only had consequences for the company but also for its entire supply chain. In total, more than 18,000 customers around the world, of which 33,000 of which the firm has, could have been affected, according to Microsoft research.

  • Business continuity and resilience

With the appearance of ransomwarewhich has hijacked systems around the world, in exchange for ransom payments, and has interrupted business continuity, companies need, in addition to systems to prevent possible threats, proposals that help ensure business continuity.

When a cyber attack occurs, the different teams, led by a crisis committee, must have the steps to follow very well established in order to restore the systems and return to normal operation as soon as possible. Having continuity solutions will help to make it so.



  • Employee awareness

It is a key piece in the cybersecurity strategy of any company. The use of sophisticated techniques social engineering by cybercriminals so that they fall for their attacks is one of the great risks that companies face today.

The simple fact that an employee opens an email and clicks on a link or downloads a file with malware puts not only him or her, but the entire organization at risk. Hence, awareness of the important role that employees play is crucial so that, from being a gateway to possible threats, they become the first barrier to prevent their entry.

To do this, companies must dedicate time and resources to raising awareness and training in good practices your employees, and train them to become familiar with the use of strong passwords and proposals such as multiple factor authentication to reinforce their security.

Towards a culture of cybersecurity

According to a recent report from the edge cloud platform Fastly, 73% of organizations worldwide will increase their investment in cybersecurity Given the increase in cyberattacks, a percentage that in the case of Spanish companies rises to 77%. The development of a culture of cybersecurity awareness that is increasingly penetrating society and companies has contributed to this.

However, cybercriminals do not cease in their efforts to seek new ways to attack organizations, so it will be necessary to continue raising awareness of the importance of taking these cybersecurity considerations into account in order to advance their protection.

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Rent should be increased? What you as a tenant should know now

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GettyImages 1293989558.jpg miete haus ab82f84f7c22b458 scaled

The upper rent limit according to the local comparative rent is based on two provisions. On the one hand, the increased fee must not exceed the local rent for comparable apartments (§ 558 BGB).

This comparative rent varies from municipality to municipality. Landlords and tenants can usually find information on this in the rent index. It is issued either by the municipalities themselves or by organizations such as tenants’ associations and owners’ associations and publishes it on the Internet.

On the other hand, the rental price brake must be observed. Accordingly, the rent may not be increased by more than 20 percent within three years.

Housing is scarce in many regions. The municipalities there have therefore declared the housing market to be tight. The so-called capping limit often applies with the rental price brake. It caps rent surcharges at 15 percent.

It can happen that landlords remain below the local comparative rent with the planned increase, but come up against the capping limit. “Then the landlord has to limit his request for an increase to this limit,” explains Beate Heilmann. Means: Then 15 percent is the end instead of 20 percent. Conversely, for example, there could only be a three percent increase in rent because the comparable rent that is customary in the area has been reached.

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Sky and Netflix: For 15 euros per month in a double subscription

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1netflix 05f4d7ae51262026

Sky Q and Netflix are available in a joint subscription. This is convenient, clear and, on top of that, cheaper than booking the individual subscriptions with the providers. Sky is currently offering the combined offer at a reduced price of 15 euros per month. This gives you access to all Sky series and all Netflix content (series, films and documentaries). And if that’s not enough, you can book all the cinema films or live sports broadcasts from Sky – individually or together. With the Sky offers, you can put together your individual pay-TV program.

Entertainment including Netflix on Sky

The Sky Netflix offer in detail

Sky calls the combination package of Sky Entertainment (series) and Netflix basic subscription (HD, one stream at the same time) “Sky Ultimate TV” or “Sky Entertainment Plus”.

Sky Ultimate TV: Sky entertainment including Netflix

  • Duration: 12 months, cancellable monthly from the 13th month
  • Content: all series from Sky, all content from Netflix
  • Reception: at home via Sky-Q receiver, on the go via Sky Go on smartphones, tablets and notebooks
  • Extras: Sky-Q receiver, HD reception and Sky Go on the go, regular Netflix basic subscription
  • Upgrade: On request with Netflix Standard (two streams simultaneously, HD) or Netflix Premium (four streams, UHD) for a surcharge of 5 or 10 euros per month
  • Options: Sky Go Plus, Multiscreen, UHD
  • Price/month: 15 euros in the 1st year, then 27.50 euros
  • Savings: 150 euros in the 1st year, 0 instead of 29 euros activation fee

By the way: In purely mathematical terms, the combination offer saves you 5.49 euros per month compared to booking the two services individually. Previously, the entertainment package without Netflix cost 12.50 euros per month, a Netflix basic subscription 7.99 euros per month. Important: Sky only offers the option of booking Sky Entertainment without Netflix in combination with the sports and/or soccer Bundesliga package. A single booking of the basic package without Netflix is ​​currently not possible.

If you wish, you can book the following Sky packages in addition to Sky Ultimate TV/Sky Entertainment Plus and thus expand the Sky Netflix double subscription with additional content:

+ Sky Cinema

  • Price/month: 25 euros in the 1st year, 41 euros from the 2nd year
  • Content: all Sky cinema films (new blockbusters first on German television, over 1,000 of the most popular films from all genres on demand, without commercial breaks, also in the original language), Paramount+

+ Sky Football Bundesliga

  • Price/month: 25 euros in the 1st year, 44 euros from the 2nd year
  • Content: All regular Saturday games of the 1st Bundesliga, all games of the 2nd Bundesliga (either as individual games or as a conference)

+ Sky Sports

  • Price/month: 25 euros in the 1st year, 36.50 euros from the 2nd year
  • Content: all Sky sports broadcasts except for the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga (DFB Cup, Premier League, tennis, golf, handball, NHL ice hockey and Formula 1)

Netflix on Sky

What is included in the Sky Netflix double subscription?

The standard double subscription includes access to Sky Entertainment (all Sky series, including HD and Sky Go for on the go) and Netflix Basic (all Netflix content, in HD quality and one stream). If desired, the subscription can be expanded to include even more Sky packages.

How much does Sky cost with Netflix?

The double subscription consisting of Sky Entertainment Plus and Netflix costs 15 euros per month in the first year. From the 13th month it costs 27.50 euros per month and can be canceled monthly. Due to the 12-month term, you can simply cancel at the end of the first year. If you also add Sky Cinema, you pay an extra 10 euros. Sky Bundesliga costs an additional 10 euros, Sky Sport also 10 euros more. If you book all three packages, you currently only pay 35 euros “Sky Complete” (as of February 2, 2023).

Can I watch Netflix with Sky?

The Sky-Q receiver offers a Netflix app with which you can watch Netflix directly on the TV via the receiver. It doesn’t matter whether you opened an account with Netflix together with a Sky package or separately. In both cases, Netflix can be viewed via the app on the receiver.

Which Netflix subscription is included with Sky?

With Sky you get Netflix basic as standard. This allows you to see all Netflix content in HD (720p) and on a maximum of one device at a time. For 5 euros more per month you can switch to Netflix Standard. Then watch the Netflix content in HD – on up to two devices at the same time. For a surcharge of 10 euros per month you get Netflix Premium. This allows you to watch content in UHD/4K and on up to four devices at the same time.

Can I cancel Netflix if I have Sky Q?

If you are already a Netflix customer, you can take your existing subscription with you to Sky. All you have to do is link your Netflix account to the Sky package. This can be done either via the Sky website or the Netflix app on the Sky Q receiver. The Netflix account is not canceled, all profiles and settings are retained. As soon as the Sky subscription including Netflix has been booked, the monthly bill is made entirely via Sky.


How can I keep my Netflix account?

If you already have a Netflix account, simply take it with you to Sky. For this you need to connect the Netflix account to the Sky package. This works either directly in the Sky-Q receiver or on After linking, you pay Netflix fees directly to Sky. This way you also keep all settings of your Netflix account.

How can I watch Netflix content in UHD?

If the Netflix basic subscription is not enough for you, Sky offers an optional upgrade to the standard or premium model. You then pay 5 or 10 euros more per month and see a lot of content in higher resolution and with a maximum of four devices at the same time. Practical: The standard/premium upgrade can be added or canceled at any time.

Can I use Netflix without Sky Q?

Even without the Sky Entertainment Plus package, Netflix can be used on the Sky Q receiver. Simply log into the Netflix app on the receiver with your access data. Netflix can also be booked in the app if you don’t have an account yet. The contract is then concluded directly with Netflix and runs independently of Sky.

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Two reasons: Why is yawning contagious?

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According to models of social biology, yawning together should be triggered by empathy. So-called mirror neurons in the brain cause us to imitate the yawning of our counterpart. Studies have also found that the better we know the yawner and the more we like them, the more contagious their yawns are.

A collective yawn is intended to express sympathy for the tired group member and thus strengthen social cohesion. That’s why psychopaths yawn less, by the way. However, this theory is contradicted by the fact that some people can also be infected by the yawning of complete strangers.

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