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3 trends that will mark its evolution in 2023


The use of enterprise SaaS will be marked by a greater focus on asset management and modernization.

More and more organizations are betting on tools and platforms SaaS to gain flexibility and agility. But its use is not indifferent to the economic or business trends that are gaining prominence in the market.

According to Snow Software data, at the end of last year, more than two in five IT managers disagreed with employees using new SaaS applications without keeping IT up to date.

Along with this fight the ‘shadow IT’or shadow technology, limiting the number of duplicate SaaS applications and identifying configuration issues have become top challenges facing two in five IT managers.

In this scenario, the use of SaaS is expected to expand to operating systems as companies continue to modernize processes and seek efficiency, visibility and cost optimization.

And while enterprise customers and SaaS providers are wary of a slowing economy and declining purchasing power in the face of rising inflation, they are not expected to enterprise SaaS spending it stops. However, companies will think more about their purchases and suppliers will feel the pressure to keep profits high in a saturated market.

This will lead to three trends in the business SaaS market standing out in 2023.

Increased focus on enterprise SaaS asset management

This year, companies are expected to work to improve SaaS management. In addition to reining in application sprawl, the economic slowdown is creating an environment where businesses must be diligent with spending, even if budgets aren’t in danger of being cut.

33% of spending on software is wasted

To do this, IT managers need to have a greater visibility into your SaaS portfolio. ‘Shadow IT, security, configuration issues and duplicate applications are top concerns for these managers. Aspects that must be addressed if they want to advance in their management of SaaS solutions and optimize costs.

According to Flexera data, more than 33% of software spending, and about a third of the investment yearly in data center software, SaaS, IaaS and PaaS, is wasted.


The rise of premium tiers

As companies think critically about their SaaS portfolios, vendors will feel the pressure to keep profits high.

However, some analysts believe that SaaS providers split capabilities and add tools to premium packages. In this way, SaaS offerings will be further fragmented to capture more monthly or annual revenue instead of going for a single, fully featured pricing model.

According to Gartner forecasts, the effect of inflation, along with competitive labor markets and the requirements for environmental sustainability will increase the costs of SaaS between 15% and 20% more in 2025.

Migration of operating systems to SaaS

SaaS usage has skyrocketed, driving many mission critical workflows. From Forrester they point out that, this 2023, the use of SaaS will expand to operating systems.

By 2025, 30% of organizations will depend solely on SaaS applications

Areas like customer relationship management, human resources, and collaboration software are heavily saturated with as-a-service offerings, but enterprise SaaS options in other areas like ERP, supply chain management, and manufacturing continue to grow.

This will lead to 30% of organizations relying solely on SaaS applications for their mission-critical workflows by 2025, according to Gartner predictions.

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Make sure you pay attention when buying: This is what the symbols on SD cards mean

Another type of lettering is speed class. There are maps here C and u as a symbol. There is a number in the letter that indicates the minimum writing speed. The same goes for the U, but here you need to multiply the number by ten:

  • C10 then stands for ten MB/s
  • u1 also stands for ten MB/s

Usually both symbols are given together, but is C obsolete and will become complete over time u superseded.

The last category of speed label is UHS or. Ultra high speed. It indicates the maximum writing speed and is given with Roman numerals and is divided up as follows:

  • UHS-I: 104MB/s
  • UHS– II: 312MB/s
  • UHS– III: 624 MB/s, which roughly matches the transfer speed of modern SSD hard drives.

Last but not least, there is the premier class EX. This achieves a transmission speed of up to one terabyte per second thanks to the support of the PCIe bus.

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Everything is new at Schufa: 250,000 people affected benefit from a new rule

At the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the responsible attorney general in two Schufa cases from Germany was very critical of the practice in mid-March: The discharge of residual debt should enable those affected to participate in economic life again – but this is thwarted by the long storage . The judgment of the ECJ judges could also turn out differently. However, they often agree with the Advocate General’s assessment.

Against this background, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) temporarily suspended the proceedings in a model case from Schleswig-Holstein that had been heard in Karlsruhe in February.

A man who had gone through insolvency proceedings for his private assets after a failed self-employment and wanted the Schufa to delete this information about him had complained. He can therefore not take out a loan, rent a new apartment and not even open a bank account.

A whole series of similar proceedings are pending at the BGH, as the presiding judge Stephan Seiters said at the announcement. The fundamental concerns of the ECJ Advocate General had encouraged his Senate that it made more sense to first wait for the Luxembourg decision before making a judgment of one’s own.

Immediately afterwards, the Schufa drew the consequences: “We will delete all entries for a residual debt exemption that have been stored for more than six months as of the key date March 28, 2023, as well as all associated debts after six months retrospectively to this date,” means it in a message. “This deletion takes place automatically, consumers do not have to worry about it.” The technical implementation will take about four weeks.

At the hearing in February, the Schufa explained that the shortened storage period meant that “highly relevant information for a comprehensive assessment of the creditworthiness of people” was no longer available. The company has now announced that there are “no fundamental effects on the way the score is calculated and the quality of the procedure”. “Nevertheless, the individual payment default risk for the requesting company increases, since the creditworthiness of a customer cannot be fully assessed.” The “individual personal risk of renewed over-indebtedness” is also increasing.

According to the latest figures from the Federal Statistical Office, around 78,600 consumer insolvency proceedings were opened in 2021. The credit agency Crif counted more than 96,200 private insolvencies in 2022. According to Crif, it is not necessarily about very large sums: the majority of those affected have debts of just under 10,000 euros, the average amount is currently less than 18,000 euros.

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WWDC 2023: Apple announces the date of the developer conference

Now it’s official: Apple is hosting WWDC 2023 from June 5th to 9th in Cupertino/California. It is actually a developer conference during which app and software programmers can expand their knowledge in numerous sessions. However, Apple also uses the start of each WWDC to give an outlook on the next generations of operating systems.

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WWDC 2023: New versions of iOS, macOS, iPadOS and watchOS

It is therefore almost certain that the first betas of the operating systems for iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple Watch will also be presented this year. To be more precise, it’s about iOS 17, macOS 14, iPadOS 17 and watchOS 10. In the coming weeks, the rumor mill should be bubbling up when it comes to possible new functions. As a rule, Apple does not reveal anything in advance, but keeps all new products until June 5, 2023.

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