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10 trends that will mark the IT market in 2023

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Despite the current uncertainty, the resilience developed in recent years leads the technology industry to be optimistic about the trends for 2023. This is stated by the CompTIA association in its new research, ‘IT Industry Outlook 2023’ , which identifies ten trends that will affect businesses and IT professionals in the coming year.

Usually, technology companies they have positive views on 2023. The turmoil of the past few years is not dampening the spirits of IT professionals as nearly 80% are optimistic about their job role, including 38% who are very optimistic.

From CompTIA they emphasize that, even with economic uncertainties and social problems, the technology industry remains a solid option for business growth and professional advancement.

And it is that, although there are some negative elements, especially when technological applications reach a massive scale and unleash unintended consequences, there are many positive results and opportunities.

These are the top ten trends we will see in 2023.

Technological innovation for the new reality

Many tech companies will have to step out of their comfort zone in order to prosper. That means examining and adjusting your current operations, sales and marketing, human resources, and strategic innovation efforts. The evolution of client is the reason why these steps are necessary.

Customers are becoming more detailed and demanding in their technology journey, so providers will need to improve their ability to convincingly present a specific business case for each product or service as it is essential.

Metaverse focused on customer experience

instead of seeing the metaverse As a new phase of the Internet based on virtual reality, it should be seen as an extension of omnichannel customer experiences.

As organizations build their own metaverse for their customers, they will focus more on developing deep customer relationships and creating connections between the digital experiences a customer can choose from.

Gaps in the worker-employer relationship

New challenges arrive in the hiring and retention of technological talent: Employers will be scrutinized to fill positions with workers skilled in new and emerging technology disciplines and support roles, while balancing a newly empowered workforce and macroeconomic uncertainty.

Most organizations will focus on managing the complexity of a multi-cloud environment

Increased demand for multicloud orchestration

The acceleration in the adoption of cloud computing it has led most organizations to adopt a cloud-based approach. The next stage of adoption will focus on managing the complexity of a multi-cloud environment.

New players in the digital ecosystem

These new players place greater competitive pressure on established practices. Today’s era of exploding choice and decision fatigue in the tech market will drive both new and established gamers to up their game to stand out from the crowd.

Tendencias tecnologicas

Trends towards greater automation

Technology providers and their partners will need to work together to find comfort zones of automation that are efficient and connected instead of disconnected and cumbersome.

Cybersecurity metrics linked to a risk analysis

Risk analysis has gained popularity as a way for organizations to measure progress on cybersecurity. But most companies are not yet doing analytics comprehensively. That will change, driven in large part by the ongoing digital transformation.

The responsible use of Artificial Intelligence will imply a greater knowledge of this technology and its impact

Uncertainty and supply chain issues

Inflation and economic uncertainty seem to continue to complicate sales. By 2023, companies will have a greatly reduced ability to accurately forecast sales quarter-over-quarter.

The decentralized identity at the heart of Web3

The noise around Web3 will continue into 2023, but the key area to focus on is the evolution of digital identity.

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

advances in AI they stimulate debate about the future of technology in society: simply understanding how to use a piece of technology is becoming inadequate. Responsible use now implies some knowledge about how the technology works and what social impact it could have.

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Important for autumn and winter: These things should not be missing in any car

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Drivers should always have a spare canister of antifreeze for the windshield washer system with them. The canisters are available in several versions. 5 liter products are much cheaper, but take up a lot of space in the car.

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Where to store? Ideally, pack the antifreeze in the garage or in the trunk. Ideally, wrap the product in plastic wrap and seal the lid tightly.

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The best period panties: Comfortable, sustainable, saves tampons and pads

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When used correctly, period underwear gives a dry and clean feeling even with heavy menstrual bleeding. The reason for this is the insert consisting of several layers of fabric that is used in this underwear. The first layer is responsible for ensuring that the blood is absorbed quickly and there is no damp feeling. The second to fourth layer has an absorbent and antibacterial effect. Responsible for this are biocides, which not only prevent unpleasant odors, but also the growth of bacteria.

Depending on the model, the amount of blood absorbed corresponds to up to three tampons. How absorbent the period underwear is is usually stated on the packaging.

How to properly care for period underwear

Period underwear is often black. The unsightly blood stains are not immediately visible. And after use, cleaning involves a little effort, but is not complicated: you should first rinse out the blood residue with cold water in the hand basin. After this pre-cleaning, you can wash the panties in the washing machine at 30°C to 60°C as usual.

To ensure that the insert remains absorbent over a long period of time and is not damaged, you should note two things: fabric softener is taboo and period panties are not ironed.

Most manufacturers indicate a period of use of up to two years for their underwear. If you calculate how many tampons or pads you would have to buy during this time and throw away after use, it quickly becomes apparent that period underwear often proves to be a sustainable and, in the long run, inexpensive alternative.

Heavy periods: you can do that

If your bleeding is heavier in the first few days, or if you bleed heavily during your menstrual period, that should not be a reason not to wear menstrual panties. You can change your laundry more frequently, use additional tampons or pads, or try a menstrual cup. This combination saves the most money in the long term and avoids a large part of the waste that would otherwise arise.
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